Dear diary,

It started bit by bit till I needed more I couldn't get back to my sense till I devour it began to itch  my life began to pinch I thought I was in charge until I gave him my keys people said I don't look like him but I don't think I concur  I don't want to taste him every day I just want to devour. He changed my looks because of his crooks. He was my master, my chaser and my eraser. My life was so unripe because I can't stop smoking the pipe. Whenever I look at me in the mirror all I see is his reflection because he is my addiction, he added no addition but subtraction and division He is my religion He has spoil my future He has made me a shadow because he kept me in his hollow. I need someone to get the keys from him and set me free from myself.  I am tired of no mid night rest till I taste I need a saviour because am in a horror.  Addiction is not something to joke about it can start little till it becomes a mountain.  Anything you can't live without is your addictio…


The Prize of being Rude.

For everything in life, there is always a prize to pay, especially when we are rude. There was a nine years old girl who bore the name Ngozi and lived in Opopo village. She was smart and beautiful. However, everybody hated her because of her rude and naughty behaviour. Her mother and father treated her like a princess being the only surviving child of her parent. She felt so proud and she will always make her friends do her house chores and will not even say thank you to them.
When her parents heard that people were talking bad about their family. They sat their daughter down and tried to talk to her but Ngozi refused to listen.

One morning, she woke up screaming and her parents quickly rushed to her room. They asked what was wrong and she said in a stammering voice that she had a dream about an old woman who tried to kill her by laying a curse on her. Her parents did not understand her but consoled her.That afternoon, Ngozi went to visit her friend. On her way,…


Many year ago, there lived a wise rabbit and his friend the old fox. The two friends lived in the forest with other animals. Rabbit was friendly and also loved to help others whenever they were in need but the fox was different. He was greedy and enjoyed cheating others to have more for himself. The other animals wondered how these two worked together and were friends. A few years later, there was famine in the land, and the fox who was left in abject poverty by his parents was really hungry. Other animals stocked up food in their houses while the fox had none.   Grumble!!! Went the sound of fox’s belly. “I can’t take it anymore. Hunger will finish me here. I must do something”. Fox thought.  “Aha! I know what I will do” Fox just had an idea. “Everyone in this village, anyone who has ears should listen. Come to my house with your foodstuffs and I will multiply them for you.” All the animals big and small gave the fox their foodstuff. Little did they know that their food was being eaten b…


She was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina. After graduating from high school, she was struck out to find herself and position in life. She moved to Washington DC area and started working as a certified Nursing Assistant, she continued her education with the university of Phoenix and received her Bachelors and Masters degrees. She used her degrees and started working as a Medical coder. Lori Cox returned to North Carolina about nine years ago after a small set back. About two years later, she realized that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and a speaker. She is married to a wonderful and supportive man, who is truly her best friend.
Lori Cox is the owner of EL Organic Products and participates in National Hair Expo in Atlantic city. She co-authored “How Divorce became my deliverance”, “Friends That Pray” and “Jesus Expectation for his Daughters”. 
She is the author of ‘Overcoming’. Lori spoke at Women Conferences on ‘How to Overcome’. Lori loves reading, writing and helpin…


The Strange Encounter I felt a little nervous that fateful day because we were going camping in the woods and it was my first time. I always knew the woods as a scary place, but I will just have to manage. We arrived at the camping ground and it looked so amazing; birds chirping everywhere, flowers and trees blooming brightly, the fresh breeze blowing my face and hair. We then met the ranger. He was tall and dark in complexion. He wore a tan colored jacket with green shorts he quickly introduced himself to us “My name is Ranger Tom.’’He told us we were going hiking and will see some bears too. “Grab your bags and follow me.” He instructed. We went through narrow paths across gushing streams and finally "WOW!" The bears cave. Ranger Tom then called their names ‘Fuzzy, Twinkle, Amstel.’ They came out he gave them honey and we played.
Something caught my attention, a beam behind the trees. I went closer and behold before me was a waterfall. It looked as if it was a rainbow, big and…


Kimberly Y. Griffin is a Virginia Beach resident, married to Warren A Griffin.     She was raised in the Bronx New York with her two brothers, Darryl & Michael, and her parents the late Oscar & Rose Frederick.
Kimberly’s a Healthcare professional that has held various positions for 28 years.  
She’s maintained 4 years’ experience instructing at a private area college In Virginia Beach.       
Her current title is QMHP ~ Qualified Mental Health Professional. She’s received her;
Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Wellness, and is completing her master’s degree in Public Health from Purdue University, with a handful of certificates in allied health.
She is a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother of two and a member of New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Chesapeake VA.  Kimberly serves as a member of the women's ministry and media team.  Her first two books are titled;
Through Daddy’s Eyes & Joey’s Boot’s.”

Both books are written …


It was a boring afternoon with my sisters and I on the couch. Our parents had gone to work and weren’t coming home until tomorrow and there was nothing for us to do. The phones were down and the thunderstorm last night had smashed the Dstv dish.
Suddenly, Stella my younger sister came up with an idea! ‘‘Why don’t we go on an adventure into the valley’’ Without even thinking about it I concluded it was a good idea. We all sprang up from the couch and raced to our various rooms. I put on a yellow T-shirt with animal paw prints all over it. I got my adventure bag and packed all the resources I needed. When I got downstairs, I noticed my sisters had copied my outfit and even the adventure bag. Too excited to get mad I overlooked their ‘offence’ and shouted “LET’S GO!” We reached the valley, it was such an amazing sight that I couldn’t just believe it. The valley had deep holes with water which served as a pond for amphibians. As we ventured on, we saw exquisite things - there were rainbow-colo…