My School

It is Green in colour

It has many classrooms named after birds

Beautiful teachers teach us subject that we all enjoy

We have competitions to give our teachers feedback from what we’ve learnt

We have character count to make our future a better one

We have field trips to explore more

All things are possible because of our beloved mother Mrs. Mary Musa

Thank you for making Hopespring Foundation School awesome.

Inioluwa Ogunsanwo (Pri.5)
Hopespring Foundation School


What is that graceful creature roaming around the garden? Hummmm…! It is the magnificent butterfly; it is so beautiful. Do you know why the butterfly’s wings are so beautiful? They are not just to beautify itself, it is also to camouflage in its environment from danger. I wonder what they eat, how it comes about and its importance.

The male and female butterfly come together as a dance partner an d mate. The female butterfly lays 8- 10 eggs on an ever green leaf in the forest, a young plant or on a wall that plants grows on. She flies away and leaves the eggs. After 4 to 6 days. The caterpillar hatches from the egg. When the caterpillar was in the egg, it did not eat so it is very hungry and begins to eat. It is as it eats that it grows fatter, fatter and fatter. It even sheds its skin then it enters into the crystallise. After a week, it comes out of the crystallise as a butterfly. It stays for its wings to dry before it flies away. “What the butterfly calls the end, the wor…


CHAPTER ONE It was day break at Ozurumba village. Chike woke up with a loud yawn. He stretched out his hands as if to punch someone, but he punched the air instead. He did the same with the other hand. He turned around and saw his wife Obioma still sleeping. He tapped her delicately. “Obioma, wake up!” Obioma woke up and stared at Chike. “What is it?” she asked. “Let us have our morning devotion”. Chike answered. After praying, Chike called out to his son. “Oluchukwu! Oluchukwu!” “Yes papa!” Oluchukwu shouted. “My son, you will not be going to school for a while”. “But why papa?” Oluchukwuasked “I have not paid your school fees my son”, Chike said “You will help your mother and me at the farm to make some money”, Chike concluded. Oluchukwu brightened up, “Okay papa! I will help you at the farm”. Oluchukwu rushed out to help his mum to set the farm tools. While doing that, he nearly stepped on a baby chick. The mother hen flew up in anger. The hen chased Oluchukwu round in circles, and then ch…


Just as a good soup must have certain ingredients to make it delicious and tasty, so also, a captivating and interesting story must also have certain techniques to be captivating and keep the reader interested.
Below are the techniques needed to make a great story:
a.Action: this is what you or the character did/does in the story. To write this, you need to ask yourself a question. What did I do?  Write down the actions done in details. Unfortunately most of us write stories with just actions - actions only will make your story boring.

a.Feelings/Emotions: Here you add details of how you or the character you are writing about feels, their thoughts and what they are worrying about. Writers should know that everyone has a reservoir of emotions. At one time, our readers have been happy, sad, angry, and hungry. The only way to tap into their emotional reservoir is to express the feelings of the characters.
a.Description: This is when you give the reader details of what you see, hear or feel. …


Learning how to describe our setting in story writing, we used the technique ‘Show’ and not ‘Tell’. Children learnt how to describe their setting to keep the readers interested instead of telling them directly. See what they came up with;

TELL:  Grandpa’s old cottage

 SHOW: The hinges creaked as I pushed open the door. I felt like peeing on my pants because of the eerie silence. As I walked into the house, cobwebs stuck to my face, screaming, I ran for my dear life and hit my head on the wall. Groaning with pain, I further explored the house. As I ventured further, a bat suddenly flew out of nowhere. I ducked my head and ran out of the house, promising never to go back. “Where are you coming from?” Grandpa asked as I stepped out.

TELL: An abandoned Barn
SHOW: As I walked in, a disgusting smell hit me, rat scurried around the room, and cobwebs hung down the ceiling like a special offer sign in a supermarket. As I shuffled my feet, a wave of dust blew towards me. I walked around barely taki…


I went to Pleasure Park with my sisters, mummy and my friend called Dumebi Bosah. We had lots of fun. We swung, bounced and we ate. We played in the children's playground ages 1-3. We also played hide and seek, tag and we acted dramas.  My friend's daddy bought chicken,  jollof and fried rice for us. We also bought Vanilla ice cream, pop corn and smoothies.  Dumebi and I were mixing drinks. Dumebi poured the smoothie into mine. We played and enjoyed ourselves. From there, we went to the hospital to see my grandmother, my daddy's mother .We used the elevator and pressed floor four{4 ]. Her room was four hundred and four. When we entered her room,  we saw her lying down. We saw aunty V and Tosan’s mummy. Later, Ogaga’s daddy came.  I was feeling sleepy then my daddy said ‘Rukky, do you want to sleep?’  We said goodbye and left. When I entered my daddy's car, I could not sleep again. Ogaga’s daddy also came inside my daddy's car and we drove off. When he left, I was s…


Do you ever spend eleven to twelve hours being taught in class and you get home, you still have to spend extra two hours on homework, besides we will get taught again in school if we don’t understand? Was it home work that made Napoleon, Alexander and Nelson Mandela great? It wasn’t. It was determination, determination to make their country a better place. Sure, not having homework can make us lazy but we don’t need extra work because some of us -  like me, have lots of chores to do, when we get back from school. What we need is to discover things by ourselves, we aren’t babies any more,  we can take care of ourselves. Watching too much T.V isn’t good but neither is too much homework. It can make people dull just like Jack when he had too much work. Since my mum is a professional cleaner, I have learnt to clean too -  my room, sitting room and every other place in my house. I have lots of chores so doing another round of work {homework} will make me too tired. Just imagine you are me, d…