"Excel, Wake up" that was my mum's voice. I jumped out of be bed instantly, it was at that moment that I remembered  we were visiting the water park. I quickly rushed into the bathroom and took a quick bath. I wore my T- shirt and a pair of  jeans. I later realized that others were not ready so I decided to watch Ben Ten to wait for them.
After a while, they were all ready and we left our hotel room . We took the elevator to the ground floor where we had breakfast. I ate sandwich with tea while my brother had corn flakes and bread. After breakfast, we started the journey to the water park. As soon as we stepped outside, we were welcome to an intense heat and the sun was scorching hot. It was so hot that you can fry an egg on the bonet of a car. My dad quickly called a taxi to get away from the heat. Inside the taxi was the opposite, it was so cold and relieving.
On our way, we saw lots of breath taking places like the Twin Tower Hotel and Dubai Mall. We also saw a ferry on the sea. By the time we got to our destination, we had taken over seventy pictures and I was already exhausted. The taxi stopped us at a place called Wide Wadi. We were welcomed by the sight of the artificial water fall and immediately my eyes lit with excitement. I knew an adventure awaits me.
At the gate , my dad paid and a lady gave us a green plastic wrist watch. We were told it contained our data and our money for shopping instead of carrying cash inside. I excitedly took my wrist watch and wore it. As soon as we entered the place, we went straight to the shop where dad bought  swim suits for us and we went to the changing room to  change. Inside the changing room was so cold and beautiful. We locked up our things in a place and left with the key.
When we finished changing, I saw some people surfing and I asked dad if I can join but he said "No."
My family went to the beach, it was also an artificial beach, I was really amazed. My brother and I went to the water slide while my parents went to the bigger water slide, Theirs was about seven storey building,
After the water slide, I went to look at a big bucket that pours out water every five minutes. I stood under it and got soaked from my head to toe. It was really fun. My brother and I also had a water gun fight while my parents just sat at the shore of the beach feeling the cool water..
After the play, it was time for lunch. We went to the food court  and we all ate fried rice and chicken, Then dad told us to go to the changing room. We collected the key from mum and went in to change. As we entered the taxi to leave, I turned back to have a quick glaze of the water fall for the last time. Then I screamed aloud "It's truly fun in Dubai"

Written by Excel Chibuzor
Twelve years old
JS 2


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