It was very close to our final exams, WAEC and JAMB. Some students were preparing for WAEC while very few were preparing for both. Every one was studying very hard.
'Grrring!' it was  the sound of the school bell alerting every one for break. My friend and I quickly went out to the canteen before the crowd get there. After getting the bread and fried fish, we went behind the canteen to eat. As soon as we sat down, we heard the sound of someone crying. We quickly followed the sound and saw our classmate, Chizoba. "What is the problem?" we asked.  She told us her parents could not afford to pay for her exams and I felt pity for her. I told her not to worry that I will ask my parents if they can pay for her. We asked her to wipe her tears and shared our lunch with her. When I told my father, he agreed to pay her fees.

We had finished our exams and the three of us passed with flying colors because we studied hard for it. We were off to the university and we studied the same course, Marketing.

On the 18th of November, 2010, my father kicked the bucket. It was my second year in the university. Things became very difficult. His brothers had taken all his properties and money in his account because my mother did not have a male child. There was no one to pay my fees so I had no option than to drop out of school and do petty trading.

Several years later, I was opening my shop when I saw Chizoba, my friend that I helped in secondary school. we greeted happily and I told her what my situation was now. She felt pity for me but said she did not have money. While she was still with me, her phone rang and she was telling someone that she will send fifty thousand to the person. As she said good bye to me and left, I felt really bad and betrayed. Tears rolled down my cheek uncontrollably as I sat down in my shop.

After that incident, I decided to work harder to excel in life. I started working as a fashion designer. One fateful day, I got a call from a rich exporter and he told me his wife loves my designs and she is going to pay me one million naira for it, I almost fainted. With  that money, I established my own business and here I am today as one of the famous fashion designers gracing the covers of different magazines.

Although I was disappointed with Chizoba, I also learnt a lesson, that  it is always good to help people but you should never look on those you help to reward you. Help surely comes but in different angles.

Written by Chibuma Maduako
Ten years old. Grade five.


  1. Quite and incredible talent. Writes with artistic ingenuity and foreseeably, a literary maestro. So proud of this piece at 10 years of age. Impressive!


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