The Dangerous Plan

       As Obafemi snuck in thorough a small door, he looked round to see if the security guards were there. He spoke into his walkie talkie, " I am in position, over' His friends got the message in their own walkie talkie and went into action. They were attacking the Presidential Castle in Abudu. They got dressed up in security clothes and entered a blue van. Kachi, the group brainiac quickly hacked into a system and they went past the terminal gate. Obafemi who was waiting at the back of the building contacted the Vice President Chuks Oke who was their their major ally. They planned to kill the President, Babados. Their crew were five people, the Vice- President, Obafemi, Kachi, Chike and Daniel. The Vice President came out of the castle and met Obafemi, they rehearsed their plan over and over. Firstly as planned Obafemi was under Chuks protection so they marched up to the board and he was introduced as Chuks' personal body guard.
       Daniel who was driving the van stopped and parked in front of the building. Kachi hacked the President's Escape System {PES} and defaulted the password to the President's jet. Chike used the code and entered the Castle in a cleaner's outfit. He entered the main hall. He was pulling a mop bucket and inside the bucket was a bomb. He looked and saw the security coming closer to him so he started running away. When he got out of the building he spoke to Obafemi and informed him the bomb will blow in thirty minutes. As soon as Obafemi heard it, he shot everybody in the room except the President and Vice President. They forced him to say his account pin and bring his ATM card. Unknown to Obafemi, Chuks had another bomb in  their van.  He shot the President and faced Obafemi with the trigger on his head. Obafemi begged and begged but Chuks shot him. The bomb in the van exploded and Kachi, Chike and Daniel died. Chuks then tried to escape with the Presidential jet but Obafemi killed him because he was just bruised. Obafemi deactivated the bomb in the hall and confessed to the authorities. He then promised not to do dangerous things again.

   Written by Okpubuluku Ogheneyovie
    Ten years old.
Hopespring Foundation School.
Primary five.


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