When the Morning Comes.....

When the Morning comes


       The cock had crowed several times that morning. It was another day in Melo village. Men and women had started setting out to their farms, they all seemed to be in a hurry. Men had their hoes on their shoulders while the women placed their baskets neatly on their heads which contained the crop seeds for planting. it was  planting time so they had lots of work to do at the farm.
       Melo village was popular for its rich, fertile lands and large farm produce. The strength of a man was measured by the size of his barn. People even took the title of  'Ezeji' because of the size of their yam barn.
       That morning, the whole place was still foggy and the wind seemed to be heavy, leaving the leaves to dance from side to side. Everywhere was still quiet. The only sound that interrupted the peace of the morning were the sound of footsteps and when the villages paused to say a quick "Iboolachi" to each other, hurriedly moving on to their destination, also the occasional sound of the cock in the village crowing to alert the sleeping ones that it was morning.
Obidike was still on his bed tossing from one side to the other. He was angry with the cock that was crowing so loud that morning. "Why will this stupid cock not keep quiet and allow somebody to sleep?" he grumbled to himself. He was even angrier with his wife for waking him earlier that morning to tell him that she was leaving for the farm. Obidike was still trying to catch his early morning sleep when he heard a loud knock on his door. At first he pretended not to hear and refused to open the door. He knew it was his childhood friend Amadi, coming to call him to go to farm that morning.
        "Obidike! Obidike!, the voice came from behind the wooden door as the banging became louder. Amadi was determined to wake his friend that morning. After what seemed like forever, Obidike screamed from inside "Anamabia! Don't break my door" The door made a loud crackling sound as he reluctantly opened it.
                                 TO BE CONTINUED......
                                                                              An epic story written by ESTHER CHIBUZOR


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