Colorful Words In Writing

Descriptive essay is painting pictures with words.  A good descriptive essay should not be bored or plain. For an essay to be captivating and trickle the senses of the reader, you must add colorful words.

Specific Nouns
By colorful words, we do not mean painting your book with the primary colors like red, green and yellow but rather we are referring to words that liven your text.

Specific Noun
Word choice is the heart of writing. a single word can create an image or conjure up emotions for readers. Linda Franche Lena.
A Noun is a name of a person, place or thing. In writing, it is crucial to encourage children to be specific with the use of nouns. This helps the reader to see the picture of what you are writing about.
Example: A.  The girl went to the house down the road
                  B. The girl went to the mansion down the road
                  C. the girl went to Aso rock

The three sentences are painting a picture but the third sentence is a clearer picture

Rich Adjectives
Adjectives modify a noun. It helps to give the reader a mental picture of what you are writing without seeing it.
Example: A.  The car is in the garage
                  B. The dilapidated car with broken wind shield is in the garage.
Without going to see the car, the reader already knows the state of the car because of the use of adjectives.

Powerful Verbs;
Verbs are action words. We must learn to do away with boring words and replace with powerful verbs. A powerful verb is when you use a synonym to make your writing more descriptive and exciting.
Example:  A.  Ada ran out of the hut.
                   B. Ada dashed out of the hut.
                   A. The tiger ate the antelope
                   B. The tiger devoured the antelope

Figurative Languages
Figurative language is the language that uses words or expression with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. When a writer uses literal language , he or she is simply stating the facts as they are. For a start, children should use Simile and metaphor.
Example .A . The fire was hot
                  B. The fire was like a Volcano
                  A. Her hand is cold
                   B. Her hand is ice

Example of Personification:
     The leaves were dancing from side to side.
When all these are in place, children will produce a exciting and captivating work. 

- Give the children different colors of paper
-write different sentences on the board and tell the children to add the colors to the sentence given.
- children should read their sentences to the class


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