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Most children like to watch TV entertainments and these entertainments are showed mostly in the night. Some children are forced to sleep by their parents and are unable to watch these TV shows. Now we want our bedtime. We need to contribute to night life. After a tremendous day it is important that we celebrate the day. This must include the children because we need to experience these interesting features of the night and study the importance of night life. After the night life, we can go back to sleep. We children always enjoy our sleep and some of us like to sleep for a long time. Some parents wake their children by 5:00am in the morning. One disadvantage of early waking is that, when the children get to school, they start sleeping in class. For example, my dad wakes me by 5:00am and sometimes I sleep in class. At least we should be able to sleep for some time so we have rest after a long day. Can’t we finish up our TV shows? I think yes, because if we choose o