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DANGER; that six lettered word which most people take as a joke, others take it as a warning. This is the story of how four little boys decided to play with FIRE. Ugo, Chali , George and Kena were the best of friends. Every day after school, they would hang out at each other’s home, especially George’s house. George was a tall, fair and nice boy. His mother was staying in America, as she had a job there. At the end of every month, George’s mom would send him four new toys to share with his friends. As far as the quadruple were concerned, life was perfect except for one little thing. Actually, this thing was very big. The local school bully took pleasure in tormenting them. Once, he shaved Ugo’s head. All his chocolate brown hair fell to the floor but the last straw was when he stole all their project for the assignment, so they were punished. One day, Kena said, “We need to do something about Sola and I have the plan.” Late that night, the four boys met at the village square, sinc


 A LONG NIGHT The scene of the attack was blood thirsty, painful and unforgiving. Screams of the innocent rang in the ears of Chimdi. Innocent blood stained the streets as Chimdi ran, trying not to be devour by the jaws of death. It was the attack of the corachals. As Chimdi ran, he saw his life before his very eyes, traumatized by the thought of his parents lying dead on the streets in their attempt to escape. The corachals have been attacking them for the past one week. He began to hear heavy feet running towards him, it would only belong to one person; one of the corochals. Chimdi got up and quickly ran. The images of the dark was blur, the dim light of fire barely lightens the streets. He ran into a half burned shop, he was really hungry. Chimdi was stuck, he had three options, and he either had to die of hunger or go out or risked being killed by the blood- thirsty men of corochals. “What do I do” he thought. He had found himself in Mr. Baal’s shop. He had been killed ref