DANGER; that six lettered word which most people take as a joke, others take it as a warning. This is the story of how four little boys decided to play with FIRE.
Ugo, Chali , George and Kena were the best of friends. Every day after school, they would hang out at each other’s home, especially George’s house. George was a tall, fair and nice boy. His mother was staying in America, as she had a job there. At the end of every month, George’s mom would send him four new toys to share with his friends. As far as the quadruple were concerned, life was perfect except for one little thing. Actually, this thing was very big. The local school bully took pleasure in tormenting them. Once, he shaved Ugo’s head. All his chocolate brown hair fell to the floor but the last straw was when he stole all their project for the assignment, so they were punished. One day, Kena said, “We need to do something about Sola and I have the plan.”
Late that night, the four boys met at the village square, since the village was very quiet. “We’ll sneak into Sola’s room, find one of his most prized possessions and burn it.” They tiptoed closer and closer to Sola’s house. They opened the window and crept to Sola’s door. On the door, there were signs saying ‘Danger’ ‘Warning’, but the boys opened the door anyway. Sola was sleeping quietly.
There was a picture that he was hugging. The boys could not see it clearly but they decided that it had to be valuable to him. As Chali was removing it, Sola woke up. Chali was so startled that he dropped the picture and it shattered. They could see it clearly now. It was a picture of Sola’s deceased mother. Sola was so angry that he beat up the boys and chased them out of his house.

From that day on, Chali, Ugo, Kena and George learnt that revenge was not always the best answer.

Written by Fadilah Sa'ad


  1. Beautiful and inspiring piece. I love you Fadilah for your inspiration. Keep it up.


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