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“Delight!” screamed my mother, “you’re going to join your father at the farm this morning. I need some cocoyams for my soup”. “Coming Mum”, I responded. “and don’t play with your friends until you have finished harvesting the cocoyam”, Mum continued. I quickly went to the kitchen to get the basket and the cutlass because I knew my dad always forgot to bring the cutlass to cut the weed and grass. It was the first time I would go to the farm and I smiled to myself thinking that this could never get any better. I skipped out of the room, delighted to be going to the farm, finally. On the way out the door, my mother Chukwudinma Nwachukwu, came out holding papa’s breakfast and lunch. She put it in a nylon bag and joined me on my way to the farm. Mother was a beautiful woman and although she was no longer as young as she was when father won her heart by defeating the renowned village champion, people still turned to stare at her when she passed. She and dad was a handsome pair bec…


On Monday morning, very early, I jumped out of bed very excited because I knew we were going to the zoo. I ran down stairs, quickly rushed my breakfast which was tea and bread. I got dressed and we were ready to go. We packed our picnic stuff and made sure everything needed was in place. My brother and I entered my mum’s red jeep and drove off. On the way there, my mum bought some candies and cheese balls for us. When we got there, I saw a big red signpost that says “Welcome to Port- Harcourt Zoo.” We quickly enter but a man gently stopped us to go back and get our tickets. We went back to where we purchased the tickets; we bought four tickets because my other brothers have gone to secondary school. Immediately we entered, we saw the elephants. There was a very big one which I think was the mother and then a little one which I also think is a baby elephant. The mother elephant sucked up water and blew the water everywhere with its long truck. We were all wet but happy. After the…


“What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Have you heard that before? In the same way, what is good for the adult is good for the child. Most adults think children are not wise enough to earn money, in my opinion; young children can also earn money. There are three things they can do to earn money.              The first thing they can do is making up small businesses. These businesses usually don’t cost much. My sister started a bow business with just card boards, elastic, some pieces of cloth, a needle and thread. Have you heard of loom band business? All you need is a packet of small rubber bands and you can start. There is even the bead business which everybody knows, so just note; there is no limit.              To add to my point, children can also participate in community service. One day, on the road, I saw two boys controlling the traffic. Don’t you think that the Government is going to pay those boys? They might even get a scholarship through that.         …


Money is a tool. What you do with it shows your character. Children should earn money, and they can, by getting friends to raise a car wash in the neighborhood, go on errands and help the elderly or they could even house sit.My opinion is that young children can also earn money.       Firstly, they can get some friends to raise a car wash in the neighborhood.  When neighbors are driving past with their dirty cars, you can stop them and say that you just made a new car wash and plead with them to patronize you. Some may patronize you and some may not. If they don’t patronize you, do not be discouraged because there will still be others and before you know it, you will end up earning a lot of money, but share the money equally between you and your friends because of their help.        You can also go on errands and help the elderly. Adults are normally busy and they have  lots of work to do, so you can ask for permission to go to your neighbor’s house for security purposes, if the…


Chidi lived with his parents in a small village called Idiya. His father was Odika while his mother was Ireju. The people of Idiya village had a lot of palm trees because they were very good at making palm oil for cooking. The people of Idiya village were also very great farmers, they had lots of vegetables and fruits because they plant so much. They had good roads but the only problem they had was hospitals. When people get sick they will have to go to a faraway village for treatment so a lot of people died. Chidi was the only child of his parents; he was tall in height, fair in complexion. He had pointed nose and bright eyes. Chidi was a very handsome boy. In fact, he was seen as the most handsome boy of his time. His father, Odike was a huge man. He was dark in complexion; he had flat nose and bright eyes while his mother Ireju was a woman of average height. She was fair in complexion. She also had flat nose and bright eyes. This family was very rich. They loved their only child Ch…


Lets  reawaken the reading culture in our children and let them have fun doing it .

Cap and Win is for kids between the ages of 6 and 15; to read stories and give an appropriate title to the story read.   The winner stands a chance of winning a story book that will be delivered directly.


Go to our site; and read the story with the caption "Cap and Win"Write the most suitable title for the story in the comment section.Write your name, age and phone number under your titleYour prize will be sent at the end of the month. Have fun reading and winning!


These creatures go silently but swiftly as they dive towards their prey without missing their targets. They fly gallantly and have no need to flap their wings. When next you look up at the sky and see one, you probably have spotted a bird of prey.

Birds of prey are birds that hunt other animals like rodents for food. They are also known as RAPTORS. They are carnivorous because they are mostly meat eaters. These birds have powerful hooked or curved beaks they use in tearing the flesh of their prey. They have strong legs, powerful talons and keen eyesight.


Eagles are larger than the other birds of prey. They signify bravery. The eagle is a powerful and fearless bird with strong muscular legs. Its hooked beak makes it easy for it to rip its prey apart without difficulty and also defend their young.  Eagles are apex predator which means they are at the top of the food chain. Some species of eagles feed on meat and fish, reptiles and rodents whi…


Teaching my children in class ‘Point of View’ today , I decided to share these ideas with other teachers and children online In Narrative writing, a narrator must be narrating from a particular point of view.
A point of view is the vantage point from which the author tells the story. We have two major vantage points

FIRST PERSON: This is where the story is told by a character in the story. In this kind of story, the narrator uses pronouns like I, me, we, us

THIRD PERSON; this is where the narrator is not a character in the story but knows what is going on in the mind of the characters, their actions, thoughts and feelings.

FUN WAYS OF TEACHING CHILDREN Role play ØAsk two children to struggle for a teddy bear. Let another child come in as the teacher and ask them what happened. The class should listen to how the children involved in the struggle narrate their story to the class. Stress the use of the pronouns:  we, I, us

The teacher should call another child that is not part of the struggle to…