Chidi lived with his parents in a small village called Idiya. His father was Odika while his mother was Ireju. The people of Idiya village had a lot of palm trees because they were very good at making palm oil for cooking. The people of Idiya village were also very great farmers, they had lots of vegetables and fruits because they plant so much. They had good roads but the only problem they had was hospitals. When people get sick they will have to go to a faraway village for treatment so a lot of people died.
Chidi was the only child of his parents; he was tall in height, fair in complexion. He had pointed nose and bright eyes. Chidi was a very handsome boy. In fact, he was seen as the most handsome boy of his time. His father, Odike was a huge man. He was dark in complexion; he had flat nose and bright eyes while his mother Ireju was a woman of average height. She was fair in complexion. She also had flat nose and bright eyes. This family was very rich. They loved their only child Chidi so much that they were always pampering him and lavishing their wealth on him. The way they were pampering him affected him while growing up that he grew up to be a bully.
One day when Chidi was coming back from school, he set his leg for a small girl so she fell down and scratched her knee on a stone and she started crying. While she was crying, Chidi was laughing at her. He left her on the floor and walked away. The next day, when Chidi was going to his friend’s house, he saw a boy playing.  Chidi picked up a stick and used it to hit him and ran away.  Few days later, Chidi went to the stream to fetch water for his mother, he saw an old man who wanted someone to help him pick his pot because he could not bend down. Instead of Chidi to help him, he took the pot and threw it inside the water and went to fetch his water. When he finally entered  the stream to fetch his water, he decided to swim. He went to the deepest side of the stream but as soon as dove in, he mistakenly hit his head on the old man’s water pot and died. That was the end of Chidi the village bully.

Written by Rehema Nwose
Hopespring Foundation School

9 years old.


  1. Title of Story: Chidi the village bully.

    Name: Baritosan Bariziga-Orage

    Age: 9 years

  2. It is bad to be a bully,because you Will reap what you sow.

    - Baritosan


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