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    “Hip – Hip- Hip! Hurray!"  we all shouted. It was my sister’s graduation party; she just graduated from secondary school. I invited Britney, Erica, Wendy and Eric while my sister invited Nelson, Zoe and Belema. There was music and we were all dancing. We were celebrating at Huwain Beach. The beach was sandy, sunny and also warm. People come there to relax. The huge tide and gigantic waves made me happy to be there. I quickly spotted the ice cream trucks and my excitement knew no bounds.    We excitedly  brought out the graduation cake; mum had baked a strawberry and chocolate cake for her. We stayed under the tall palm tree and drank the delicious coconut juice which was what people knew Huwain Beach for. After that, we put on our swimming trunks and ran straight to the water. It was cold but refreshing. I started surfing. Suddenly, a big wave came straight towards me. I wanted to get away but the wave was too fast and caught up with me. My family members were worried that


Persuasive essay can also be known as opinion essay.  Its main aim is to convince, persuade and also sway the opinion of the reader. Let the children know the difference between Opinion and fact. Give children several examples It is very important to write about the children’s interest because this will make them write with so much passion. For a beginner, children can start with a five paragraph essay: not too long and not too short. It must also be convincing and includes facts and quotes from experts in that field. Format of a persuasive essay The First paragraph Introduction This include the lead, the topic sentence the opinion of the writer and sometimes the reasons The second paragraph This is the first main reason supporting your opinion. It must include details{ facts and quotes} The Third paragraph Main reason two; supporting your opinion The Fourth paragraph This is the


Our little drops of water is turning into a mighty moving ocean. Today we celebrate one of Hopespring Foundation school's founding pupils and the best graduating pupil of 2013/2014 session, Emmauella Chisom{Wanjoku} James. She is from Rivers state , Nigeria and is 15 years old. She is currently an S.S 2 student of Stafford House International School, Warri in Delta State Nigeria. Emmauella Started writing in primary three with her first book “The Bomb Blast” Em Emmanuella is now a published author on Amazon with her book “Feelings” which is a collation of some of her lovely poetry. Her essay ‘Making Nigerian Football Attractive in a Digital Age’ won writinggamesng 2017, a national competition as First Position.          Recently her story “Aminat the Rascal was among the few stories chosen for the Imbube Creative Writing Contest and she emerged as the First Runner Up in her category.          Raising Young Authors is using this medium to celebrate this ama


Introducing my first comic artist, James Osadjere. He is eight years old and a primary four pupil of Hopespring Foundation School. Children tell their stories in different ways. Watch Out for the full episode !!!!