“Hip – Hip- Hip! Hurray!"  we all shouted. It was my sister’s graduation party; she just graduated from secondary school. I invited Britney, Erica, Wendy and Eric while my sister invited Nelson, Zoe and Belema. There was music and we were all dancing. We were celebrating at Huwain Beach. The beach was sandy, sunny and also warm. People come there to relax. The huge tide and gigantic waves made me happy to be there. I quickly spotted the ice cream trucks and my excitement knew no bounds.
   We excitedly  brought out the graduation cake; mum had baked a strawberry and chocolate cake for her. We stayed under the tall palm tree and drank the delicious coconut juice which was what people knew Huwain Beach for. After that, we put on our swimming trunks and ran straight to the water. It was cold but refreshing. I started surfing. Suddenly, a big wave came straight towards me. I wanted to get away but the wave was too fast and caught up with me. My family members were worried that I might not survive but the life guard came to my rescue and saved me. When I came out, everybody was  relieved, my friends surrounded me and asked how it was to be under the sea. I told them that I saw a school of fish and also tasted salty water. They all laughed at me because I was scared.
   We sat down on the sand and told stories about a Haunted house and this time, everyone was scared and we quickly left the scene that Erica called the Haunted house. We all agreed that Erica was a good story teller.
We went towards where mum was and started building castles on the sand. We also made sand monsters by pouring sand on ourselves. Erica was the monster and we fled like a mouse being chased by a cat. When we finished, we went for a rest. After resting, we played games and agreed that the winner will get a piece of the chocolate cake. We started playing and the winner was me. I was given the cake but I shared it with everyone. To eat the cake, we marched to the ice cream truck and bought ice creams which we licked in a hurry so it will not melt. As I was doing this, I had brain freeze. The ice cream was too cold that I started playing under the sun. We sang Mr. Sun and Chika, my little sister sang with us.
   It was finally lunch time and we ate our delicious delicacy; fried rice, chicken and salad. We were all in a hurry to finish our food. Mom promised us that after eating, we will take snacks and drinks, we were so happy.
   After the meal, Dad said so many things about my sister and her achievement and she cut her cake. We sang for her and asked her to dance. Finally we bid our friends and their parents farewell , also to our new found friends at Hawain Beach and left for home to continue the celebration.

Written by Sharon Joseph
Primary four
Hopespring Foundation School
8 years old.


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