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I went to Pleasure Park with my sisters, mummy and my friend called Dumebi Bosah. We had lots of fun. We swung, bounced and we ate. We played in the children's playground ages 1-3. We also played hide and seek, tag and we acted dramas.  My friend's daddy bought chicken,  jollof and fried rice for us. We also bought Vanilla ice cream, pop corn and smoothies.  Dumebi and I were mixing drinks. Dumebi poured the smoothie into mine. We played and enjoyed ourselves. From there, we went to the hospital to see my grandmother, my daddy's mother .We used the elevator and pressed floor four{4 ]. Her room was four hundred and four. When we entered her room,  we saw her lying down. We saw aunty V and Tosan’s mummy. Later, Ogaga’s daddy came.  I was feeling sleepy then my daddy said ‘Rukky, do you want to sleep?’  We said goodbye and left. When I entered my daddy's car, I could not sleep again. Ogaga’s daddy also came inside my daddy's car and we drove off. When he left, I


Do you ever spend eleven to twelve hours being taught in class and you get home, you still have to spend extra two hours on homework, besides we will get taught again in school if we don’t understand? Was it home work that made Napoleon, Alexander and Nelson Mandela great? It wasn’t. It was determination, determination to make their country a better place. Sure, not having homework can make us lazy but we don’t need extra work because some of us -  like me, have lots of chores to do, when we get back from school. What we need is to discover things by ourselves, we aren’t babies any more,  we can take care of ourselves. Watching too much T.V isn’t good but neither is too much homework. It can make people dull just like Jack when he had too much work. Since my mum is a professional cleaner, I have learnt to clean too -  my room, sitting room and every other place in my house. I have lots of chores so doing another round of work {homework} will make me too tired. Just imagi


 It was a windy day, the trees were dancing, papers were flying and it seemed as if they were all dancing to the rhythm of music. I was stuck inside watching my environment from my room’s window. Though I could go outside and play, but my mummy told me to stay inside my room for being a nuisance to her earlier that day. Soon after, I noticed a short man in what seemed to be a green trench coat. I quickly turned my attention to him and what he was doing. He had a stern look and was stroking his beard as if he was giving a signal to someone. He saw me and stared at me with the scariest and most frightening look I have ever seen. Suddenly he pointed at me and I swiftly bent down below my window. When I looked up again, I saw him just at my window pressing his face on the glass. I bent down again and came up with a base ball bat but he was nowhere to be found. As the popular saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat” that was the situation at hand. I ran out of the house and fol