Do you ever spend eleven to twelve hours being taught in class and you get home, you still have to spend extra two hours on homework, besides we will get taught again in school if we don’t understand?
Was it home work that made Napoleon, Alexander and Nelson Mandela great? It wasn’t. It was determination, determination to make their country a better place. Sure, not having homework can make us lazy but we don’t need extra work because some of us -  like me, have lots of chores to do, when we get back from school.
What we need is to discover things by ourselves, we aren’t babies any more,  we can take care of ourselves. Watching too much T.V isn’t good but neither is too much homework. It can make people dull just like Jack when he had too much work.
Since my mum is a professional cleaner, I have learnt to clean too -  my room, sitting room and every other place in my house. I have lots of chores so doing another round of work {homework} will make me too tired. Just imagine you are me, doing all the work, will you enjoy it or not. You won’t! try and paint a scenario of a boy doing too much work and he later gets stressed.
Please I plead with you, I don’t want homework anymore. It is too much to handle. Home work is not good.

Eninlanimi Obajimi

Homework is a way of giving feedback to the teacher after he/she has finished teaching you, for me, homework is good.
Firstly, it gives the teacher feedback, after the teacher has taught you. It is also of satisfying the teacher and making the teacher know that he/she has taught well. Homework saves the teacher of stress of going back to a topic that was taught a long time ago, for me homework is good.
Secondly, homework makes a student ready for an examination. For example if a student is going out for an external examination or an assessment test in their school. Homework is like a revision of past things that you have learnt before in class that is why teachers give homework. For me, homework is good.
Thirdly, it improves a child’s learning ability. For example if you don’t understand something and you ask someone it can help you to change your thinking pattern. Homework is like a mind changer it is also like sponge that soaks up knowledge. For me, homework is good.
Although it is said that homework takes a lot of time to do but if you are wise and do it quickly, you can finish it quickly too.
Homework helps you to excel, always do your homework.
Joshua Rogers.

Home work is education. Writing exercises the fingers. Homework is another way to research.
Firstly, homework helps your thinking skills. Some people don’t learn in the class but at home, homework makes them lively.
In the second place, it improves your thinking pattern. It may be like torture, but it is for your own good.
Last but not the least, through homework, your writing skills can be improved and be legible so your teacher will have no trouble reading your work.
Yes I know because of homework students may sleep in class or have a headache, but, at least you will be able to learn something. Maybe you didn’t know how to solve a sum in math but now you are the best at math in your class.
Oh! I love homework! It refreshes my memory on what I learnt.
Ekeoma Onyebuenyi

Don’t study because you need to, study because knowledge is power and work hard until the lamp light of our table becomes the spot light of stage’ this means home work is good.
Firstly, it is improves the child’s thinking and memory because when our teacher gives us homework, we will have to strain our brain to remember what the teacher taught us in school.
To boost my opinion further, it teaches the child to work independently because when the teacher gives you homework and you get home, your parents might not understand it because of tiredness or old age so you have to work hard so that you can get the answers. For example, last week they gave me mathematics home work, when I got home, I asked my parents for assistance, even my dad that studied mathematics did not understand so I had to crack my brain and at the end I got all my answers right.
Finally, it makes the  child explore subjects fully more than classroom time permits; this means that if your teacher is teaching you something, you might not understand what the teacher taught. But when you get home, with the use of the internet, you can learn further and understand.
Although we spend countless hours in school, some people might not be listening to the teacher so it is only homework that will help them locate such students.
Homework is good in many ways, it makes your child more creative, it also makes your child self sufficient and also makes us wiser. Home work is good to create future leaders.
Chisom  Udealor

Is it good if a child is taught and does not understand the lesson and goes home empty handed? At the end of the day, the money that the parents paid will be a waste and the child gains nothing but the teacher still gets the money which is the salary. What we can do to stop this is by giving children homework? Homework is good. It ensures that children understood the lesson that was taught that day. It is the responsibility of the child to take some work and bring it back neat. The child can also use home work to practice for test and exams.
First, it is making sure that the children understood the lesson that was taught that day. When the teacher has taught and gives class work, some students do it by copying from someone’s book. At that time, the student might understand the lesson and gets all her class work right but when the teacher gives homework, the student that was copying will not be able to copy from anybody at home.
It is an art of responsibility that the child was able to take some work and is also expected to bring it back without a single stain on it. Some students when they are given class work after the teacher has taught, the child will write so neatly and the child is very organized and neat. It is good to give home work so that you will know whether the child is organized or not because the same student that has been doing neat work will go home and do a scattered work like chicken who was fighting with another chicken,
It is enables the child to prepare for test and exams. Homework is like a little exam because all that may be in your homework may be in the test or exam given. That is what my math teacher Mr. Bonnie does and he says that “if you don’t do home work and class work; you have failed your test and exam.
Although people say that after learning in the school for seven and a half hours and coming back to do home work will be stressful but when a woman is giving birth, does she not feel pain? So would you go and say that giving birth is bad? That means homework is good.
Home work is good, it serves as feedback that the students understood the lesson that was taught. It is an art of responsibility and it helps the students practice and prepare for test and exams.
Ebiere Akpoebi Yeri

Have you ever been in church and instead of listening, you are solving a problem math evaluation? Have you ever had headache but are still forced to do home work, and then you will be on my side when I say homework should be CANCELED.
Firstly, teachers, you don’t get proper feedback you think you get. I am saying that because I am a student and sometimes it’s either they cheat or ask for help, some children go back to the answer page and when they come to school, they lie to the teacher that they did it.
Secondly, resting is appropriate for the body. I am the type that likes sleeping and as soon as I come back from school, I go straight to bed. Teachers, I know you have to give homework, even if you cannot stop, I am begging you reduce it.
To boost m point further, you might be somewhere but homework is on our mind. Any time I am in church on Wednesday, instead of listening to the talk, I am solving one thing or the other and I am asked to go out.
Teachers say that putting your brain to work is good but I say over working is also a problem.
Teachers I hope with these points, I hope I have convinced you that homework is not necessary.
Sally Obibi

Homework is feedback from students. Teachers have been saying this for years now. I personally think that homework is good. Here are my reasons.
To start with, homework is a feedback from students to teachers. When doing class work, students can easily ask their classmates or copy from them. Home work lessens that chance as people at home might not know what the student did in class and even if the students try to cheat, the person they ask might do the home work differently.
To add to my point, homework boosts a student’s self esteem. When students do homework by themselves, they learn to believe in themselves. I remember an instance while I was still seven years old, I could not even rote count from one to hundred but as I continued through homework, it boosted my confidence and now I can count from one to infinity.
To finalize my point, homework fills up for times of boredom. When I have nothing else to do, home work will be there to do. As for me, most times when I have nothing to do, I do my home work especially the challenging part, that’s all that makes home work fun.
Critics may say that home work is stressful but every good thing needs hard work. We should start seeing the good side of home work.
All in all, we should start being positive about homework and learn that homework is part of success.
Chimdindu Chinkere.

What do you need, that you learnt in class?  How do you prepare for test and exam? Of course it is through homework.  Home work is what you need to be busy at home and this helps you to revise for your exams. Also, there is a saying that practice makes perfect. It means that the more you practice; you will perfect your art.  For example, external exams, you need to practice for them and this can be done through homework so you can have good grades.
First, it makes you busy at home. Working all day makes you smart and successful for the rest of life. It means that if you work hard all day, you must be famous and popular with wisdom and knowledge. Like example, how did your teacher become a teacher? By working hard and doing their homework when they were younger that is why homework is used to make you busy at home
Secondly, it makes you prepare for school and external exams, like what I said in the first paragraph practice makes perfect. For example you are going for an exam on Saturday and today is Friday, you will have to study at home. Practice the subjects you have the next day.
Last but not the least; It aids you to remember what you have been taught. When you are given homework on what is taught in the class, this acts as a feedback for the teacher to know if you understood the topic taught or not.
It is true we all know that it can be stressful but it is one of the greatest methods to learning and achieving so much.
Now we know that homework can only make you have a better future and make you successful in life. It is never meant to punish you
Ricky Okwwdadi


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