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Just as a good soup must have certain ingredients to make it delicious and tasty, so also, a captivating and interesting story must also have certain techniques to be captivating and keep the reader interested. Below are the techniques needed to make a great story: a.      Action : this is what you or the character did/does in the story. To write this, you need to ask yourself a question. What did I do?  Write down the actions done in details. Unfortunately most of us write stories with just actions - actions only will make your story boring. a.      Feelings/Emotions : Here you add details of how you or the character you are writing about feels, their thoughts and what they are worrying about. Writers should know that everyone has a reservoir of emotions. At one time, our readers have been happy, sad, angry, and hungry. The only way to tap into their emotional reservoir is to express the feelings of the characters. a.      Description: This is when you give


Learning how to describe our setting in story writing, we used the technique  ‘Show’ and not ‘Tell’. Children learnt how to describe their setting to keep the readers interested instead of telling them directly. See what they came up with; TELL :  Grandpa’s old cottage  SHOW : The hinges creaked as I pushed open the door. I felt like peeing on my pants because of the eerie silence. As I walked into the house, cobwebs stuck to my face, screaming, I ran for my dear life and hit my head on the wall. Groaning with pain, I further explored the house. As I ventured further, a bat suddenly flew out of nowhere. I ducked my head and ran out of the house, promising never to go back. “Where are you coming from?” Grandpa asked as I stepped out. TELL: An abandoned Barn SHOW : As I walked in, a disgusting smell hit me, rat scurried around the room, and cobwebs hung down the ceiling like a special offer sign in a supermarket. As I shuffled my feet, a