Learning how to describe our setting in story writing, we used the technique ‘Show’ and not ‘Tell’. Children learnt how to describe their setting to keep the readers interested instead of telling them directly. See what they came up with;

TELL:  Grandpa’s old cottage

 SHOW: The hinges creaked as I pushed open the door. I felt like peeing on my pants because of the eerie silence. As I walked into the house, cobwebs stuck to my face, screaming, I ran for my dear life and hit my head on the wall. Groaning with pain, I further explored the house. As I ventured further, a bat suddenly flew out of nowhere. I ducked my head and ran out of the house, promising never to go back. “Where are you coming from?” Grandpa asked as I stepped out.

TELL: An abandoned Barn

SHOW: As I walked in, a disgusting smell hit me, rat scurried around the room, and cobwebs hung down the ceiling like a special offer sign in a supermarket. As I shuffled my feet, a wave of dust blew towards me. I walked around barely taking my hands away from my nose. Suddenly, I noticed an old wrecked crate, looking inside, I saw rotten fish with maggots crawling in and out. I felt like puking. Oh! What a dreadful place.

TELL: The old Stable

SHOW: As I opened the scruffy door, I heard the sound of squeaking rats that were running around as if they did not notice my presence. Frightened, I stepped backward scratching my arm against a rusty nail. I felt so much pain but I was not bleeding. I turned and cobwebs got stuck on my face. I was struggling to remove it when a horse neighed and the farmer ran in “What are you doing here?” he said. I quickly ran out.

TELL: The dilapidated house

SHOW: The sun has just gone to bed and I could see the looming shadow of the house from my window. It had faded paints, windows broken and dangling. There were cracks on the wall and it looked as if it will collapse at any moment. It was a frightening sight

Class Activity
Group work (primary five pupils)
Hopespring Foundation School


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