What is that graceful creature roaming around the garden? Hummmm…! It is the magnificent butterfly; it is so beautiful. Do you know why the butterfly’s wings are so beautiful? They are not just to beautify itself, it is also to camouflage in its environment from danger. I wonder what they eat, how it comes about and its importance.



The male and female butterfly come together as a dance partner an d mate. The female butterfly lays 8- 10 eggs on an ever green leaf in the forest, a young plant or on a wall that plants grows on. She flies away and leaves the eggs. After 4 to 6 days. The caterpillar hatches from the egg. When the caterpillar was in the egg, it did not eat so it is very hungry and begins to eat. It is as it eats that it grows fatter, fatter and fatter. It even sheds its skin then it enters into the crystallise. After a week, it comes out of the crystallise as a butterfly. It stays for its wings to dry before it flies away. “What the butterfly calls the end, the world calls a butterfly” from Angry Birds.

The butterfly has a tube like thing called the tongue. Did you know that the butterfly does not have a mouth like you and me to eat any food? It uses its tongue to suck the nectar out of the plant and it also uses its leg to carry pollens it helps to pass pollen from male to female plants for reproduction.

Butterfly is important to mankind because it is a symbol of beauty and they tell us whether the environment is clean and finally scientist can be able to see their characteristics and how they live.
Butterflies are very wonderful insects, they go through changes , from eggs into a caterpillar and then stays in a crystallise before finally turning into an adult butterfly. It sucks nectars from plants as food and makes us to know whether an environment is clean.

Written be Chidera Seth Nwachukwu
Grade 5
Hopespring Foundation School


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