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Imagine a country that has beautiful, nice, green trees all around. You can breathe in the fresh air without a doubt. The roads are as clear as glass, as the wind whistles through the window of your car. Pedestrians cross the road safely; using the zebra crossing, instead of running across the roads with the great possibility of being crushed. The bright colours of the traffic lights are placed strategically, telling each and every driver to either stop, get ready or go. Traffic is barely seen on our roads and the vehicles are intact and safe for use, instead of the old raggedy, broken-down buses that remind you of a dump. Children walk to school safely and gleefully, or ride bikes on pavements as smooth as floor tiles. If only my Nigeria could be like this... My name is Tejumola, meaning 'one who looks forward to better days. ' I was born on October 1 st - Nigeria’s independence day. My mother named me that to keep her hopes and dreams of a better Nigeria alive and


          “Yeah it’s time for recess!” shouted Jake and it was time to outside. The class perfect spent ten minutes arranging the line and she shouted “Oh come on, this break time is only thirty minutes!” She managed to arrange us and they went down stairs. When they got there, the Hummingbirds were already there and did not allow the us to play. By the time they finish playing, it was break over. We were sad. In my opinion, I believe break time should be extended to one hour.                My first point is, we need to make new friends and  we need more time to allow us to make new friends. Also, your cousin can be in the same school and you won’t even know, imagine that! I strongly believe we need more recess time.                  Next, it enables us to explore nature. We need more break time because exploring nature is good. You can see the plants around the school and learn from them. Also see creatures that people thought were extinct.                Finally, when we s