Author Pamela J BIO Pamela Joyce Hayes is a Harlem native, born and raised in Lincoln Projects. Pamela is the oldest out of three children born to Viola Hayes and the late John Hayes. Pamela was a devoted wife for fourteen years, and an amazing mom to two beautiful sons Darrell and Xavier. Pamela has been writing since she was nine years old. She has a love for creating stories on paper and always dreamed of becoming an author. She decided to put her story on paper when her now ex husband was arrested in February 2003. This turned her family upside down. Pamela and her family were devastated. Her family did not know what to do and the prison system does not come with instructions. She lost everything. Her and her family was hit with the harsh reality of life when one of your family members goes to prison.

On Saturday, May 23rd 2009 it changed Pamela's life. She became a published author. Pamela has been writing all of her life. But when your world of emotions, pain, sadness, become public it is an indescribable feeling. You are letting the world into your world. That is what being an author is to me. Creating your world as you see, feel and experience it and allowing people in to experience how you see the world. You are allowing the world to know you on an intimate level.

 Her first book Family Tyme! Don't Get Caught Up! Her second book is Family Tyme! Pay Back is a BITCH! And her third book is FYER! The Diary of a BI Sexual Woman! One of her big accomplishments besides writing her books is her first book is an audio-book. This project is a movie without the picture. She was one of the first urban authors to do a audio book in this format. Pamela latest series that will be taking the book world by storm is “Side Chick”, coming this winter. Pamela is happy to be building her own world as while is break out in new ventures. August 2019 she entered into a new area of the writing world.

Pamela introduced the world to”Brown Girl” which her first of many children’s books to come. Stay tuned for several new stories, characters, and adventures. Pamela is happy to making her mark in the world.


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