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Meet our Writing Icon this week, Sherry Kirkland. She is from Buffalo, New York but currently reside in Anderson SC.  She is a mother, a wife and a nurse.  And more recently after her life changed, she became an author and a blogger.
Sherry’s first book is called ‘My Extraordinary Walk’, it is her personal testimony.  In this book, she details her experiences and encounters with God.  She likes to call them my God stories. 
When she started having these experiences, she had no idea it was even possible to experience God personally. 
Sherry’s goal is to encourage other people to share their God stories publicly.  People need to know how real God is.
She wrote this book because she received a word from God.  She clearly heard a voice telling her to, ‘write a book’.  She had never written anything or had any interest in writing but after praying and receiving a major confirmation, she knew what she had to do. 
Sherry is strictly a Christian author.  She encourages, motivates and inspires through written word.  She feels like this is her purpose and how she ministers to others.
Her favorite book, if you haven’t guessed it already, is the Bible. She reads it regularly.  Every time she goes through it she is refreshed and given new insight.  
She is also a blogger.  Every week she puts out a short motivational blog.  You can follow her at www.sherrykirkland.com, and if you subscribe to her website, her blogs will be automatically sent to you each week.
Join us and celebrate Sherry Kirkland, our Writing Champion!


  1. Awesome!! Your Passionate and it shows!! Keep up the good work!!


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