Evangelist Sonya Gray
Author, Consultant, Certified Professional Christian Mentor, Certified Professional Destiny Life Coach, Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Writing Coach and Domestic Violence/ Youth Advocate

Evangelist Sonya Gray was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC.  She is the oldest of nine siblings. Evangelist Gray is a 2015 Graduate of Converse College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is presently pursuing a Masters in Social Work from Capella University. Evangelist Gray is married to Roosevelt Gray Jr., they has two wonderful children, Torez and Brittany Williams and three precious grandsons, Bre’land Hunter Gray, Terrance Lamar Means, Jr. and Carter Jayce Williams.   Evangelist Gray has been educating, equipping and empowering youth for over 20 plus years. She was trained from birth to teach young men and women that God is the one who can give you inner peace.  She has been through many trials and tribulations but with God on her side she has overcome every battle.  At an early age the enemy tried to kill her with drugs, alcoholism, and abusive men; however Evangelist Gray did not let these things kill her. She is the survivor of 2 rapes, a 3 strokes and a life threatening disease that the Lord healed her from due to one of the rapes. As of August 2018, God healed Evangelist Gray from brain cancer.  Evangelist Gray is still on the battle field for the Lord daily making sure no one is left behind.  She knows that God is the only one who got her through all of the difficulties in her life.  She had to obtain inner peace to be who she is today, a mouthpiece for the Kingdom of God and a true warrior for youth and women.  She has a great passion for working with at-risk youth, women and young women.  She is the Founder/CEO of S&R Ministries International a non-profit organization. Under the umbrella of this ministry, she presently has a ministry for girls and young women between the ages of 12-19 called God’s Girlz Rule the World Mentoring Program. (Romans 4:17).  She also has a MOM’s (Motivator on the Move) ministry for women ages 20 and up. She also has started coaching/consultant business as of January 2019.  As an author she is helping authors network and find their God given gift to write.  These ministries operate on Evangelist Gray’s (3E’s principles): Educating, Equipping and Empowering the next generation to know who they are and live according to the word of God. Evangelist Sonya Gray is an Author, Consultant, Certified Professional Destiny Life coach, Certified Christian Mentor, Motivational speaker, Spiritual midwife, Writing Coach and Youth advocate.  Her first book is titled: Path to Inner Peace and how the only way to have peace is to first love God, yourself and then others. Her second book released March of 2017: Stop Hiding behind the Mask Breaking Generational Curses the story of the masks she wore for 48 years and how God delivered her to save and restore others through her testimony of His goodness and healing power in her life.  Evangelist Gray is the 2018 ACHI Magazine Orator of the Year and 2018 SPIRIT-LED Award for working in the community. Evangelist Gray received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities last May 2018 for her work in the community with women and youth.  March of 2019 Dr. Gray received the ACHI Magazine woman of Influence award. Dr. Gray states that everything she does is for God and HIM only. It is not for recognition but for HIS glory and to advance the Kingdom of God.  Evangelist Gray whole mission in live is to educate, equip and empower women and youth to take the mask off and be who God has called them to be. As of April 2019 Dr. Gray lobbied and got a bullying bill passed at the State Capital of South Carolina.  Dr. Gray presently serves on 2 boards: 2019 Converse College Alumni Board from where she graduated from and Upstate Gems of Greenville Board where she has been the keynote speaker for the past 2 years.  Evangelist Sonya Gray can be reached at her email address: srministries924@gmail.com or mailing address P.O. Box 171143, Spartanburg, SC 29301 for speaking engagements and book signings.

Let us celebrate our Writing Icon for this week; Evangelist Sonya Gray.


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