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The Strange Encounter             I felt a little nervous that fateful day because we were going camping in the woods and it was my first time. I always knew the woods as a scary place, but I will just have to manage. We arrived at the camping ground and it looked so amazing; birds chirping everywhere, flowers and trees blooming brightly, the fresh breeze blowing my face and hair. We then met the ranger. He was tall and dark in complexion. He wore a tan colored jacket with green shorts he quickly introduced himself to us “My name is Ranger Tom.’’   He told us we were going hiking and will see some bears too.   “Grab your bags and follow me.” He instructed. We went through narrow paths across gushing streams and finally "WOW!" The bears cave. Ranger Tom then called their names ‘Fuzzy, Twinkle, Amstel.’ They came out he gave them honey and we played. Something caught my attention, a beam behind the trees. I went closer and behold before me was a waterfall. It


Kimberly Y. Griffin  is a Virginia Beach resident, married to Warren A Griffin.     She was raised in the Bronx New York with her two brothers, Darryl & Michael, and her parents the late Oscar & Rose Frederick. Kimberly’s a Healthcare professional that has held various positions for 28 years.   She’s maintained 4 years’ experience instructing at a private area college In Virginia Beach.        Her current title is QMHP ~ Qualified Mental Health Professional. She’s received her; Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Wellness, and is completing her master’s degree in Public Health from Purdue University, with a handful of certificates in allied health. She is a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother of two and a member of New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Chesapeake VA.  Kimberly serves as a member of the women's ministry and media team.  Her first two books are titled; “ Through Daddy’s Eyes & Joey’s Boot’s


It was a boring afternoon with my sisters and I on the couch. Our parents had gone to work and weren’t coming home until tomorrow and there was nothing for us to do. The phones were down and the thunderstorm last night had smashed the Dstv dish. Suddenly, Stella my younger sister came up with an idea!                                                                                 ‘‘Why don’t we go on an adventure into the valley’’                                                                      Without even thinking about it I concluded it was a good idea. We all sprang up from the couch and raced to our various rooms. I put on a yellow T-shirt with animal paw prints all over it. I got my adventure bag and packed all the resources I needed. When I got downstairs, I noticed my sisters had copied my outfit and even the adventure bag. Too excited to get mad I overlooked their ‘offence’ and shouted “LET’S GO!” We reached the valley, it was such an amazing sight that