It was a boring afternoon with my sisters and I on the couch. Our parents had gone to work and weren’t coming home until tomorrow and there was nothing for us to do. The phones were down and the thunderstorm last night had smashed the Dstv dish.

Suddenly, Stella my younger sister came up with an idea!                                                                              
‘‘Why don’t we go on an adventure into the valley’’                                                                    
Without even thinking about it I concluded it was a good idea. We all sprang up from the couch and raced to our various rooms.
I put on a yellow T-shirt with animal paw prints all over it. I got my adventure bag and packed all the resources I needed. When I got downstairs, I noticed my sisters had copied my outfit and even the adventure bag. Too excited to get mad I overlooked their ‘offence’ and shouted “LET’S GO!”
We reached the valley, it was such an amazing sight that I couldn’t just believe it. The valley had deep holes with water which served as a pond for amphibians. As we ventured on, we saw exquisite things - there were rainbow-coloured chameleons, leaping frogs, playful lizards, brightly coloured humming birds, busy bees and many other creatures too numerous to mention.

My sisters and I were too busy snapping and staring away that we didn’t seem to notice when it started raining. We immediately took shelter in a small cave that I spotted. It rained cats and dogs and it seemed as if there wasn’t ever going to be an end. Then suddenly something caught my attention.

I saw black huge figures coming out of the cave. I was petrified and suddenly everything became black. After sometime, I woke up feeling as if nothing had happened but immediately it flooded my mind, everything that happened dawned on me. I then realized I was masked and tied up in rope. I become terrified once more.
Questions ran through my brain ‘where are am I? Where are my sisters? What am I doing here? Why was I masked?’  As I turned my head I saw piles bones and then I asked myself ‘Could they have been eaten my sisters?’. My flesh went numb.

After a while, I heard voices and as I tried to see who it was I saw the three black figures I had seen earlier discussing. I couldn’t understand what they were saying because it wasn’t English they were speaking.
 When the figures finished discussing, one came up to me with packages. From the hair of the person I could tell she was a girl and she dropped the packages softly. When I peered closer I had a great surprise there weren’t packages instead there were my sisters!

More figures came out as the sunrays hit the cave I could see there were all in masks. The oldest of them all spoke and then he said to me ‘we will let you and your unconscious sisters go if you promise never to come here again.’ I nodded in reply and so I was unmasked and freed. My sisters regained consciousness and I said ‘let’s go home.’                                                                    
 My sisters couldn’t agree more. We packed our things and we went home. That day I couldn’t stop thinking about the masked figures I saw.  Who were those figures? What do they want? Why did they mask me?

Name: Akuabata Maya Otti
Age: 9 years old
School: Maya’s Ark Academy


  1. Beautiful story but seems this story hadn't ended.
    Good job Maya! The world will hear you.

    1. Maya wants you to end it with your imagination. {cliffhanger}

  2. Wow beautiful writing. It was so amazing. Keep it up Maya

  3. Great job Maya! Really interesting!!


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