Kimberly Y. Griffin is a Virginia Beach resident, married to Warren A Griffin.     She was raised in the Bronx New York with her two brothers, Darryl & Michael, and her parents the late Oscar & Rose Frederick.
Kimberly’s a Healthcare professional that has held various positions for 28 years.  
She’s maintained 4 years’ experience instructing at a private area college In Virginia Beach.       
Her current title is QMHP ~ Qualified Mental Health Professional. She’s received her;
Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Wellness, and is completing her master’s degree in Public Health from Purdue University, with a handful of certificates in allied health.
She is a mother of 3 sons, a grandmother of two and a member of New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Chesapeake VA.  Kimberly serves as a member of the women's ministry and media team.  Her first two books are titled;
Through Daddy’s Eyes & Joey’s Boot’s.”  

Both books are written about her grandchildren. Each book gives a unique aspect of how children can rise above fear and understand the importance of comfort and love.  She was inspired to write additional children's books about disabilities, from the positive reviews and sales she gained by supportive friends and family members.  Kimberly is a supporter of anti-bullying, therefore, each child that reads her stories will understand the challenges so many diagnosed children are up against.
 “Tic no More” is a motivational story that provides background details about her youngest son, that battled a rare condition called ‘Tourette’s syndrome. His unusual sounds caused him to be teased and bullied by those that never understood his condition. By defeating fear he was able to overcome victory with endless accomplishments and beat the odds of the condition.
My Beautiful Lips & Mathew and Me” which will be available mid- May 2020. These are her next two books that give inspirational messages about Autism and a child that has a cleft lip.
In 2019 Kimberly experienced 3 drastic losses that caused a huge amount of heartache.  The death of her Dad in January, Mother in July, and her son on his 27th birthday on October 9th, 2019, due to depression. Witnessing this pain has changed her life, but it has also allowed her to listen to God’s calling.  Finding her purpose to deliver her testimony with a vision, to change the lives of others that suffer from, Depression and its difficult conditions.

“Support Joeys Heart” was the social site platform that was created in memory of her son,
Joseph Michael, Travieso Sr. With the support of her husband, and the large response of friends, she continued to share motivational awareness of love and support for those in need of compassion. Kimberly continues to change the lives of so many by sharing her strength and power through her voice with Daughters of A King.” A women's conference group.
Her motivation encourages, her smile delivers passion, and her strong awareness to share love to all in need is what helps her continue to deliver her testimonies.  
You can purchase her books@ Amazon.com
For more information about Author Kimberly Y. Griffin. Send all inquiries to the email below
(757)-705-6687 Cell


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