The Prize of being Rude.

For everything in life, there is always a prize to pay, especially when we are rude. There was a nine years old girl who bore the name Ngozi and lived in Opopo village. She was smart and beautiful. However, everybody hated her because of her rude and naughty behaviour. Her mother and father treated her like a princess being the only surviving child of her parent. She felt so proud and she will always make her friends do her house chores and will not even say thank you to them.

When her parents heard that people were talking bad about their family. They sat their daughter down and tried to talk to her but Ngozi refused to listen.

One morning, she woke up screaming and her parents quickly rushed to her room. They asked what was wrong and she said in a stammering voice that she had a dream about an old woman who tried to kill her by laying a curse on her. Her parents did not understand her but consoled her.  That afternoon, Ngozi went to visit her friend. On her way, she met an old woman who asked her to help her carry some firewood.  Ngozi forgot about her dream and looked at the old woman and said “A princess like me should help an old hag like you! Get lost old woman, your dying time is near.”

Immediately, the old woman laid a curse on her and vanished into thin air.
Many years later, it was her birthday and her parents bought a birthday cake to her room and also a lovely dress. Unfortunately, they met their daughter paralyzed. They dropped everything they were holding and cried. 

Who knows what will happen next?

Just remember that being rude does not just affect us but also our loved ones. Being rude always comes with a prize to pay.

Always be respectful because respect is reciprocal. We do not want to end like Ngozi.

written by; 

Gabriella Diete- Braide


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