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Dear diary, It started bit by bit till I needed more I couldn't get back to my sense till I devour it began to itch  my life began to pinch I thought I was in charge until I gave him my keys people said I don't look like him but I don't think I concur  I don't want to taste him every day I just want to devour. He changed my looks because of his crooks. He was my master, my chaser and my eraser. My life was so unripe because I can't stop smoking the pipe. Whenever I look at me in the mirror all I see is his reflection because he is my addiction, he added no addition but subtraction and division He is my religion He has spoil my future He has made me a shadow because he kept me in his hollow. I need someone to get the keys from him and set me free from myself.  I am tired of no mid night rest till I taste I need a saviour because am in a horror.       Addiction is not something to joke about it can start little till it bec