Dear diary,

It started bit by bit till I needed more
I couldn't get back to my sense till I devour
it began to itch 
my life began to pinch
I thought I was in charge until I gave him my keys
people said I don't look like him but I don't think I concur 
I don't want to taste him every day I just want to devour.
He changed my looks because of his crooks.
He was my master, my chaser and my eraser.
My life was so unripe because I can't stop smoking the pipe.
Whenever I look at me in the mirror all I see is his reflection
because he is my addiction, he added no addition but subtraction and division
He is my religion
He has spoil my future
He has made me a shadow because he kept me in his hollow.
I need someone to get the keys from him and set me free from myself.
 I am tired of no mid night rest till I taste
I need a saviour because am in a horror.
 Addiction is not something to joke about it can start little till it becomes a mountain. 
Anything you can't live without is your addiction. 
Many people are addicted to money, sex, fame, phones, bet and so many other things.
 This is already affecting their lives. 

My dear readers the only thing that save you from addiction is addiction, you need to be addicted to something else in order to forget about your present addiction. However, I want you to be addicted to the only person that can save you from addiction, His name is Jesus, if you are addicted to him you won't be subtracted but exalted. He will set your life in pleasant places, he will reside in you and you will be in him. Your life will be the reflection of his glory and you will blossom daily if you call on him. CHRIST IS the ADDICTION that will set you free from life SUBTRACTIONS. From Christ addiction, I'll never be free because my freedom is in him.
Bible reference- James 4:7, Titus 2:12

 Confidence Micheal
University of Jos
Author of two amazing books


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